20 Sep

CoolSculpting’s Surprising New Use Before the Red Carpet

Coolsculpting-before-after-10CoolSculpting has virtually become a household name since its FDA approval in 2010, mainly thanks to its proven ability to freeze away unwanted fat from troublesome body parts. Celebrities have embraced this new cosmetic technology with open arms, and now CoolSculpting has become a mainstay in red carpet preparation.

Basic Facts About CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a body contouring system that freezes away unwanted fat and helps it disappear. The selling point for most people is that, unlike liposuction, CoolSculpting is a completely non-surgical, non-invasive fat-reduction method. Since no incisions, cuts, or stitches are required, there is also no downtime after the quick and painless treatment.

In addition to being so simple, CoolSculpting is also permanently effective. The body only contains a finite number of fat cells, so once CoolSculpting busts those fat cells by freezing them away, they cannot regenerate. With regular exercise and a healthy diet to prevent weight gain, CoolSculpting results can last long term.

Best Kept Celebrity Secret

It often seems like celebrities have access to incredible beauty treatments and technology that us “common folk” do not, but CoolSculpting is readily available to everyone! Celebs are eager to take advantage of everything that CoolSculpting has to offer, especially in the months leading up to major red carpet events. Now facials, PRP injections, detoxing cleanses, and bootcamp workouts are underscored by CoolSculpting treatments.

But the most popular place for these celebrities to use CoolSculpting isn’t the midsection or thighs as most professionals predicted. It’s actually the upper bra area. The CoolSculpting Mini device, approved about a year ago to treat smaller pockets of fat, can effectively treat the fat that forms “underarm puff” when women wear tight strapless dresses.

So the next time you are watching the Oscars or the Grammys and you wonder how your favorite stars look so impossibly slim and contoured, you will know that CoolSculpting made it all possible.