10 Mar

Cool Laser Treatment for Beautiful Skin

Of all of the skin procedures available to create luminous and radiant skin, lasers offer some of the most powerful and effective treatments. The CoolTouch laser treatment, known as CoolBreeze, is one such treatment that can completely transform the skin by addressing acne problems, tightening the skin, and reducing wrinkles. Sound like something from which you’d like to benefit? Check out the details here.

Introducing CoolBreeze

The CoolBreeze laser is designed to use cooling pulses of cryogen with pulses of laser energy. This unique blend of pulses protects the skin while treating unwanted skin problems. With no pre- or post-treatment care required, CoolBreeze is the perfect choice for a quick lunchtime beauty treatment.

The Science Behind CoolBreeze

This treatment works so efficiently by selectively heating the layers of the skin to stimulate the fibroblasts that are responsible for making collagen. Since the fibroblasts naturally make less collagen with age, the CoolBreeze laser jumpstarts the collagen production process once again so that the skin can heal itself from the inside out.


This gentle process requires about four or five treatments over the span of a few months to achieve dramatic results. After the successful completion of those treatments, you can achieve healthier, younger-looking skin that is completely rejuvenated and free from unwanted signs of aging.

It’s recommended that you receive a touchup treatment every 6 to 12 months to continue stimulating new collagen growth. Older skin does require that consistent encouragement to continue to heal itself and grow the collagen needed to maintain glowing skin.

The CoolBreeze laser is seen as the “gold standard” of care for laser wrinkle reduction and acne scar minimization. The laser energy also shrinks the oil glands to decrease the oil production that leads to acne.

This is the perfect treatment for light and dark skin alike. If you want to look younger, refreshed, and luminous, a few CoolBreeze treatments can make it happen.