20 Jan

Check Out The Midwest Medical Aesthetics Video About Botox


So I’ve decided to put up one of my videos about Botox™ and other fillers. It’s a great watch. I’m speaking with Frederick A. Buck D.O. about all the differences and benefits of facial enhancements like Botox™ and other cosmetic fillers. You’ll also discover how a lot of the procedures are done and why they work. Just click the link below to watch the video and feel free to comment with any of your thoughts or experiences.

Botox™ & Other Cosmetic Fillers

So Do You Want To Know More About Botox?

BOTOXBotox™ is now firmly established as a very effective anti-aging cosmetic procedure, and in fact it is one of the most common procedures carried out today. The treatment involves Botox™ being injected into specific areas of the face where lines and wrinkles are pronounced. The substance used is a neurotoxic protein which is derived from Clostridium Botulinum. It has the effect of relaxing localized muscles. Since it is the continuous use of these facial muscles which causes wrinkles to appear, one of the benefits Botox™ can provide by relaxing facial muscles is to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Botox™ is most typically delivered to areas around they eyes and mouth, as these are the areas which tend to be most affected by wrinkles. Botox™ injections are also very effective at removing forehead lines. One of the best benefits Botox™ can offer is that it can create the effect of an eyebrow lift without the need for surgery. It can make eyebrows appear to be more arched, thereby creating a more youthful look than the drooped eyebrows which occur as people get older. The anti-aging benefits Botox™ provides are powerful, and can leave people who have received the treatment feeling and looking much younger. This can result in increased confidence and vitality.

The benefits Botox™ treatments provide are not simply cosmetic, however. Botox’s application as an anti-aging treatment evolved from its original use as a treatment for muscle spasms, particularly of the eyes. It was found that when muscles were relaxed using Botox™ in order to cure the spasms, it resulted in wrinkles all but disappearing. Therefore Botox™ was originally a medical treatment rather than an anti-aging one.