20 Jun

Three Things You Didn’t Know about Cold Laser Therapy

Fat doesn’t always leave the body in the timely manner that we wish it would. So many Americans feel frustrated day in and day out with stores of fat on the abdomen, thighs, and hips that just won’t go away. This widespread desire for an efficient but painless method of sculpting inspired the development of cold laser therapy for body contouring. While cold laser therapy isn’t the solution for dramatic weight loss, it is perfect for eliminating those last five or ten pounds and achieving a sexy, sculpted body. Read More

10 May

Ladies, You Deserve to Look Good and Feel Good

Being a woman, a mom, and a wife is bound to come with its complications and frustrations, but your physical appearance never needs to be one of those frustrations. Cosmetic enhancement technology has come so far in just the last five years that any perceived problem on your body can be resolved with a relatively simple and incredibly safe treatment or procedure to help you look and feel your very best. With beach weather finally here, it’s the perfect time to do something for yourself and feel more comfortable flaunting your body in the sun. Read More

01 Dec

Find Out What Body Countour Wraps Can Do For You

Though consumers have demanded healthier food guidelines and processing transparency for large corporations, the 21st century is still filled with all too many foreign chemicals and toxins that corrupt the delicate balance of the body and create unwanted health issues. The M’LIS Body Contour wrap is a holistic approach that was developed to battle those toxins and help the body achieve balance once again. Read More

17 Nov

Get the Body You Want with LipoBelt

Since the 17th century, doctors have been utilizing lower temperatures as a tool in medical therapy. Also known as cryotherapy, the low temperatures are employed to help decrease inflammation and pain while promoting blood flow. Modern science has taken this concept and developed it into many different varieties like whole body cryotherapy, headache relief, and cryosurgery. Read More

10 Mar

Let’s Wrap it Up! The Slimming Benefits of Body Contouring Wraps

Of course, the most effective way to lose weight is to eat healthily and exercise more. However, this useful advice, whilst true, doesn’t offer much help when you need to lose a few pounds swiftly, in order to squeeze into that cocktail dress for Friday!

As a result, many men and women alike find themselves seeking quick solutions to melt off the excess fat and gain a slimmer, smoother silhouette. There are a number of cosmetic options available, and one of the most interesting are body wraps. Read More