24 Apr

Can a BrightWhite Smile Improve Your Life?

According to recent studies, 99.7%  of respondents state that an attractive smile is an important personal asset. 74% of those interviewed also say that an unattractive smile could be a disadvantage during interviews and during overall career success. Unfortunately, only 63% of people think that they look their best when they smile. Your smile effects your confidence and your confidence effects multiple areas of your life. Give your confidence and your life a boost with BriteWhite.

BriteWhite uses Blue LED technology to gently whiten teeth without softening the enamel or damaging the pulp. The key to success lies in the combination of unique gel and LED light that is concentrated at a special wavelength. The gel is made of  Carbamide Peroxide and is one of the safest gel whitening components on the market. When used with the laser, you can whiten teeth without heat. BriteWhite abides by the Council for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening, Best Practice and Code of Ethic and has been approved by the FDA.

Contact Midwest Medical Aesthetics of Kansas for your BriteWhite kit. Enjoy a brighter, more confident smile!

Source: Midwest Medical, Teeth Whitening and Ezine.com, Health