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If You’re Serious About Losing Belly Fat, Eliminating Bulges, Sags And More To Create The Shapely Silhouette Of Your Dreams,
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Are you interested in learning how to make today’s technology actually work for your body’s benefit…and not just for everyone else?

Are you serious about experiencing a new, more shapely figure in 40 days or less?

Would you like to learn how to turn “saddlebags” and “love-handles” into areas you are truly thrilled to see in the mirror every time you look?

If you would like to take your physical appearance to the next level, then be sure to request our Special Report Now!

Are there certain aspects of your physical appearance that you wish you could change? Well I think we all have and we know with technology there are a lot of options for us to explore… but we usually never get around to looking into what IS possible!

Well we would like to give you the opportunity to find out what is possible and that’s why we have a Free 8 Step Body Analysis.

With this complimentary program we’ll:

  1. Record and analyze your history and physical information
  2. Take your measurements, weight, body mass index, hydration level & height
  3. Get your current exercise and diet information
  4. Discuss your goals for weight, dress/pant size measurements
  5. We’ll assess your motivation to reach your goals
  6. Discuss your willingness and ability to do exercise, diet management and the revolutionary HCG Diet
  7. Talk about treatments that are available like,…Zerona, Accent, Lapex BCS, Liposiction (Cool Lipo/Body-Jet), Fat transfer, Natural Breast Augmentation
  8. Formulate a customized plan to reach your goals via: diet, exercise, and all other treatments
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Schedule your Complimentary Body Analysis before May 31st to see what’s possible for YOU! Call us at (913) 327-7175… or simply fill out the Body Analysis request form below.


Why choose Midwest Aesthetics Center in Kansas City?

At Midwest Aesthetics Center in Kansas City we believe in maintaining excellence with the help of our experienced team. We always make sure that all treatments offered at the clinic have been evaluated to ensure their efficacy and safety. All our laser machines, skincare products, injectables and devices are considered the industry gold standard. Our aim is to make you look as young as you feel.