10 Sep

Three Things to Know about Lash and Brow Tinting

38690049 - woman eye with long eyelashes. eyelash extensionYour brows and lashes have the ability to transform your face, highlight your favorite features, and enhance your overall appearance. But if you’re like many women with light or thin brows and lashes, you may need a bit of help along the way. Lash and brow tinting have become two very popular procedures because they add bold and exciting color to help the eyes pop without the need for makeup. Read More

20 Aug

The Best Techniques to Revive Your Tired Skin

The skin around your eyes can give away your age better than almost any other part of your face. This is mainly because aging diminishes the amount of subcutaneous fat in your face, making that blueness under the surface more visible above the skin. It doesn’t help that under-eye skin is 40 percent thinner than the rest of the face to begin with. When you combine that with the fact that blood vessels in that area tend to weaken and leak, the result isn’t pretty.

In the words of New York City dermatologist Dendy Engelman, “You’ve got blood pooling underneath transparent skin, so it can be very noticeable.” These techniques are proven to help alleviate those dark circles under your eyes to restore youth to your skin and wipe away that look of chronic exhaustion. Read More

10 Aug

CoolSculpting Continues to Collect Awards

CoolSculpting has been lighting up the physical enhancement market since its FDA approval just a few years ago. In addition to winning countless new patients with it’s undeniable results, CoolSculpting is also collecting awards.

Best Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Treatment, Three Years in a Row!

Every Year, New Beauty magazine holds a “Best Of” Reader’s Choice Awards, and given the magazine’s reputation as the leading resource for medical spa and cosmetic surgery treatments and procedures, the results can be trusted. For the third year in a row, CoolSculpting was voted the Best Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Treatment, and patients who have received CoolSculpting definitely agree. Read More

20 Jul

Four Things You Should Know about Laser Hair Removal

If you shave your legs, underarms, and bikini area on a daily basis, chances are the routine became tiresome dozen of years ago. Think of all of the time and water you waste every day trying to obtain smooth skin. Wouldn’t it be great if there was some type of non-surgical treatment that could get you those results? Well, there is, and it’s called laser hair removal. If you’re ready to toss your razor in the trash, here are the four things you should know about laser hair removal. Read More

10 Jul

Why are Certain Foods so Great for the Skin?

Did your mother ever tell you that you are what you eat? In the case of your skin, that old adage is definitely true. The things that you put into your body can directly impact the health and radiance of your skin. A choice of donuts and soda compared to salmon, rice, and water will have distinctly different effects on the skin. It’s important to really understand why certain foods to boost skin health, and which breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner choices can give you the best skin possible. Read More

20 Jun

Three Things You Didn’t Know about Cold Laser Therapy

Fat doesn’t always leave the body in the timely manner that we wish it would. So many Americans feel frustrated day in and day out with stores of fat on the abdomen, thighs, and hips that just won’t go away. This widespread desire for an efficient but painless method of sculpting inspired the development of cold laser therapy for body contouring. While cold laser therapy isn’t the solution for dramatic weight loss, it is perfect for eliminating those last five or ten pounds and achieving a sexy, sculpted body. Read More

10 Jun

The Best Age-Defying Night Cream

If you’re familiar with the different products available on the market for daily use to fight signs of aging, you may have heard of NeriumAD.  NeriumAD offers a completely natural, unique, and powerful formula to address and reverse the root causes of aging so that your skin stays young and radiant. This product is absolutely worth the investment. Here’s what you should know to make an informed purchase. Read More

20 May

What are “Raw” Beauty Products; and Do You Need Them?

If you’re like many women, you’ve been buying the same brand of concealer and mascara since you were in eleventh grade, and you’ve either never given much thought to anti-aging serums or you just have no idea where to begin your search. Well, most people don’t realize that the unassuming container of concealer they use every day without a second thought actually contains a host of chemicals and preservatives that really do the skin more harm than good. Read More

10 May

Ladies, You Deserve to Look Good and Feel Good

Being a woman, a mom, and a wife is bound to come with its complications and frustrations, but your physical appearance never needs to be one of those frustrations. Cosmetic enhancement technology has come so far in just the last five years that any perceived problem on your body can be resolved with a relatively simple and incredibly safe treatment or procedure to help you look and feel your very best. With beach weather finally here, it’s the perfect time to do something for yourself and feel more comfortable flaunting your body in the sun. Read More