14 Nov

Beauty Tips to Improve Your Mood this Winter

Everyone experiences a little Seasonal Affective Disorder every once in a while, and with the recent time change shortening our days and our chance for uplifting vitamin-D sunlight, staying bright and cheerful is not as easy. But we’ve got some tips that we found in Cosmopolitan that are perfect for helping you improve your mood during those cold, gray days.

  1. Okay we know its winter, but the sun does still exist and can be very good for your skin and mental state, so try to brace the cold and get outside in the sunlight during the day whenever possible.
  2. Treat yourself to a new flavored lip gloss that will give you a pretty pout finish while giving you a small taste of your favorite sweet, like vanilla or mocha.
  3. Using personal care products that contain natural citrus juices and scents can really stimulate your senses and, in turn, boost your mood whether it’s a cucumber perfume or a zesty orange face wash.
  4. A fake tan can go a long way in winter because it makes you feel exotic, carefree and beautiful, so go get that spa-quality spray tan when your skin needs it most.
  5. A sexy red lipstick can add a spring to your step any day because its often associated with fun nights out, not to mention you’ll probably get a few reactions that will make you feel good about yourself.

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Source: Cosmopolitan