28 Aug

Are You Committing any of these 7 Deadly Sins against Your Skin?

cracked_skinYour skin is the largest organ in your body, so it gets a lot of abuse. You especially put your skin at risk when you leave it unprotected outdoors or in settings that are environmentally risky. This is often a problem during the summer months when people tend to overindulge in just about everything.

If you’ve been committing any of these 7 deadly sins against your skin during the summer months, read on to learn more about an exciting solution!

1. Over-exposure:
Sun worshipping will only put us on the path to premature aging and skin cancer. If your skin looks wrinkly and is covered in brown spots, it’s probably from years of sun damage.

2. Tanning Beds:
Think a tanning bed is safer than being outside in the sun? Think again. Tanning beds give you a concentrated burst of ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B light. These rays cause skin aging and could triple your risk for melanoma skin cancer.

3. Smoking:
You know about the health risks of smoking, but did you know that smoking can also lead to wrinkles? It does what the sun does; it just does it inside by making the skin weak, tired, and listless looking.

4. Scrubbing Your Skin:
While harsh, aggressive scrubbing is not recommended since it irritates and potentially damages skin, often generating redness, hyper pigmentation, and excess capillaries, I strongly believe that a gentle scrub with a soft cloth and a quality cleanser, used once every 2-3 days (every day for oily skin) has great benefit for your skin. It gently removes dead cells and impurities, thus stimulating new cell growth and collagen formation. It will also improve the penetration of selected cosmetics through the skin.
5. Stress:
It’s not your imagination. Stress really does show in your skin.  It may also lower the skin’s ability to keep out harmful irritants and infections.

6. Over-eating:
When you gain a lot of weight, your skin stretches. If you lose the weight you’ll be left with saggy skin. If your skin isn’t elastic enough to bounce back, it can be incredibly difficult to tighten it up.

7. Not getting enough Sleep:
Many Americans aren’t getting the amount of sleep they need nightly.  Your skin rejuvenates while you’re sleeping and a lack of sleep makes your face look dull and listless.

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  • Collagen/elastin production;
  • Scar tissue build-up;
  • Loss of skin nutrition and growth factors;
  • DNA damage.

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