17 Feb

Another Reason to Fight the Fat

We’re intrigued by a recent Health.com reportthat says women who are more than 20 pounds overweight may have a greater risk of receiving poor medical treatment. One study from Yale labeled it “fat discrimination,” and it could be affecting more than 70 million American women who are considered overweight.

The report cites findings from recent studies that say overweight women may have more difficulty getting health insurance, may be misdiagnosed, and could be prescribed wrong dosages of medicine. It also could keep you from detecting major illnesses such as cancer or from the joy of having a baby as overweight women could be less likely to get connected with a fertility doctor.

This is a startling reason to take a real look when you step on the scale. Our comprehensive group of body treatments such as the HCG Diet, Zerona Body Sculpting Treatments, CoolLipo (see a video on this procedure) and Accent Your Body treatments can help with a makeover that could improve the medical care you receive. Weight loss pills also are something we can discuss during our consultation.

We’ll find the treatment or combination of treatments that will work best for you!