21 Nov

An Unexpected Solution for your Depression

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Have you been battling the blues…not quite feeling like yourself…and considering making an appointment with a therapist?  If so, you might just want to reconsider and schedule a consultation with us instead.

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kansas botox3Good question.  Actually, research has shown that a single Botox™ injection can reduce the symptoms of depression by nearly 50%.Botox – which is typically used to improve the appearance of facial wrinkles – may actually (and surprisingly) be an effective treatment in the fight against depression.

Our emotions are expressed by our facial muscles, which then send feedback signals to the brain to support those emotions. Treating facial muscles with Botox™ seems to interrupt this cycle.


kansas botoxAccording to the research, positive effects on the patient’s mood have been observed in patients who’ve had Botox™ treatment for the frown lines in the area located above the nose and between the eyebrows.A group of 30 patients who exhibited high levels of chronic and treatment-resistant depression were enrolled in the study. These patients were then randomly assigned to receive a single injection of Botox™ or a single injection of a placebo.

Six weeks following the single treatment, the Botox™ group had an average of almost 50% reduction in depression symptoms vs. the slightly over 9% in the placebo group.

The investigators found that the effect size was even larger at the close of the study. Improvement was also reflected when other tools were used to gauge depression symptoms.

Botox™ may offer an innovative, effective, widely-accepted, and economic tool for the treatment of major depression. It should be noted that these findings have been repeated in two other studies since the original one was conducted.

It appears that smoothing out the muscles between your eyebrows can decrease the distress signals sent to your brain, boosting mood as a result.

Say goodbye to your depression and look years younger with Botox.

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