30 Jul

Amazing Facial Skin Treatment – Osmosis

The appearance of our facial skin is a huge factor in our overall self-confidence and in how we are perceived by others.  And we go to great lengths to camouflage imperfections or discolored skin.  These conditions may include:

 facial-skin-acne  facial-skin-Hyper-pigmentation  facial-skin-Rosacea2  facial-skin-aging

We have been conditioned to cover up, correct, and conceal less-than-perfect skin with corrective cosmetics to “hide” skin flaws. This is done without any understanding of why those flaws exist in the first place, much less how to make them go away (permanently) so that those cosmetic “cover-ups” are no longer necessary.

Although the use and need for good daily skin care has become more commonplace in recent years, our society still has a “quick fix” mentality when it comes to our understanding of how to choose and correctly use effective, healthy skin care.

facial-skin-videoDespite many years of intense research on the cause of aging, it is still not fully understood, although general consensus is that chronic inflammation appears to be a major underlying factor.

I have a video on my website of  Dr. Ben Johnson, who developed Osmosis Medical Skincare, describing how it is able to achieve these remarkable results.


facial-skin-before_afterOsmosis Medical Skincare has a complete line of Skin Care Products combats, Rosacea; Acne; Hyper-pigmentation; Aging; and inflammation; by providing the nutrients needed for the skin’s own immune system to work properly. These actives include patented and groundbreaking agents that increase cell turnover, repair DNA and rebuild collagen.

While most “anti-aging” systems focus on exfoliation, wounding the skin’s outer layer and forcing it to repair itself. Osmosis honors the natural epidermal barrier by delivering the necessary ingredients directly to the dermis, where the real “anti-aging” processes take place, creating truly healthy skin that lasts.

Following are some of the more popular products Osmosis offers:

StemFactor Liposomal Growth Factor Serum:  Over 150 different skin growth factors derived from adult stem cells create this magical serum that improves all aspects of skin aging and skin damage.

Correct Aging/Normal Skin Serum:   Correct is a natural anti-aging serum that contains ingredients that are proven to dramatically improve the skin. This wonderful anti-aging cream uses 7 different collagen/elastin stimulators to remodel the skin.

Renew Advanced Aging/Normal Skin Serum:  This natural anti-aging serum contains ingredients that are proven to dramatically improve the skin. Renew restores dermal thickness, increases skin’s nutrient and immune support and protects skin from UV rays.

Catalyst Skin Restoration and DNA Repair Serum:  This serum uses Zinc Finger Technology (ZFT) to repair DNA damage and assist in the production of proteins and antioxidants within the cell. It’s a patented combination of amino acids and key co-factors that improve wound healing, lighten pigmentation, reduce visible capillaries, and stimulate collagen and elastin production.


If you’re ready to stop using cover-ups to look younger and halt the effects of Rosacea; Acne; Hyper-pigmentation; Aging; and chronic inflammation on your face, just respond to this post or contact our office and we can set up a complimentary consultation to see Osmosis Skin Care is the right solution for your particular situation.