30 Apr

Acid That Is Good For Your Skin?


There are all sorts of bad acids. Excessive stomach acid, acid-based cleaners, and acid washed jeans are just a few harmful types you want to avoid. We’ve found two good acids that are beneficial for your body and won’t hurt your sense of style.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) include citric, glycolic, and malic acid. These acids gently exfoliate, getting rid of old cells that dull the skin. You are left with fresh, smooth skin! AHAs also make your skin’s thickness more uniform. Products with AHAs are easy to find, as many skin care products boast AHAs on the ingredients list.

Hyaluronic Acid is excellent when used wisely. It is an agent for water retention, used to add volume to lips, fill in skin wrinkles, and decrease the depth of tear troughs.  Some products add hyaluronic acid to their products but the molecules are too big to be effective. Hyaluronic acid works best when injected directly into the skin. Results typically last from 3 -9 months.

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Source: Lougheed