05 May

Achieving a Fresh-Faced Look Key to Boomer Success

Last month, we blogged about how more job seekers are opting for cosmetic procedures to give them a competitive edge in the workplace, but today we’ve come across a news article from a California news outlet on baby boomers turning to plastic surgery to give them an upper hand when competing for jobs with a younger workf0rce moving up the corporate ladder.

Says a 53-year-old quoted in the article, “It’s tough out there because, you know, they might look at you as tired or you don’t have the excitement as a younger person. And I can do the same thing even though I’m in my 50s.” And, according to the article, she is not alone.

“Last year, over 17 million people underwent cosmetic procedures, most of them baby boomers. It’s not just women either. Last year, nearly 3 million men had plastic surgery.”

Boomers know they can’t return to their teenage years, but they do want to look and age gracefully. From laser skin therapies and Botox™ to Micro-Dermabrasion and fillers, let us know how Midwest Medical can shave years off of your face.