14 Jul

Achieve a Younger Luminous Look With Portrait®

You can actually generate new skin that is clearer, tighter and more radiant with Portrait Skin Treatments at Midwest Medical Aesthetics in Kansas City. This treatment works both on the surface and beneath the surface to regenerate skin that continues to improve in appearance throughout a whole year. After a simple 15-minute full face procedure, you will see instant results that only get better with time. You’ll see a very notable reduction of lines and wrinkles while brown spots and hyper-pigmentation will disappear completely. Over the next year your complexion will become increasingly smooth, firm and blemish free.

Backed by years of research and hard science, Portrait PSR Skin Treatments use the latest technology and is the only treatment that is proven to generate new skin. It does not employ a laser or light treatment. Rather it actually stimulates natural growth factors that increase collagen cells beneath the surface of your skin to restore a beautifully younger tone and texture.

Achieve a youthful, radiant appearance right before your eyes with the safest most effective skin regeneration treatment in the industry here at Midwest Medical Aesthetics. Contact us at (913) 327-7175 to learn more about our Portrait Skin Treatment and schedule an appointment today!