18 Feb

A Prehistoric Explanation for Breast Augmentation

Did you know nearly 38,000 breast augmentation surgeries were performed by members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons in 2009? The number may not surprise you, but an article in New You magazine suggests there may be a prehistoric explanation as to why many women seek breast augmentation through a variety of forms, from push-up bras to surgical enhancement.

  1. Large breasts signal youth and fertility as well as biological availability during ovulation, indicating that a female may make a good partner for reproduction.
  2. Breasts are also attributed with fostering relationships, not just reproduction.

The article goes on to discuss the importance, therefore, of the appearance of breasts that has developed over time and the extent to which they make women feel empowered and desired.

So what is the perfect size? Men are attracted to “symmetry and bust to-waist ratio rather than merely huge boobs,” says evolutionary psychologist Christopher Ryan in the article. Bottom line: One size doesn’t fit all. Go with a size that works for your frame and proportion.

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