10 Dec

A New Year, a New You

tooth whiteningThe beginning of a new year is always a great time to reboot and make changes to achieve self improvement. Even if you already have a few New Year’s resolutions in mind, consider these as well to help yourself look and feel incredible in 2017.

Teeth Whitening

If teeth whitening makes you think of sensitivity and pain, then you haven’t experienced the new technology now available to make teeth whitening not only painless but also undeniably efficient. BriteWhite is one of the best brands on the market because it uses a cool ray of blue LED lights with selected wavelengths and a custom blend of gel to whiten teeth without any heat. Even on aged, brown, and staining teeth, patients have achieved 11 shades of whiteness in just 20 minutes! You really can’t beat results like that, so if you’re tired of hiding discolored teeth behind a half smile, 2017 is the perfect time for BriteWhite teeth whitening.

Lash and Brow Tinting

Dark brows and lashes are very in style right now, but if you have light hair you might feel frustrated that you can’t naturally achieve that bold look. Fortunately, it only takes a quick 20 minute procedure to tint your lashes and brows to the color of your choice. It’s most common to use a darker tone to add more depth, dimension, and flare to the lashes: light brown, dark brown, red, blue-black, and black are customer favorites. The same goes with brow tinting, which is often done to match the lashes and/or new hair color.

Laser Hair Removal

Nobody wants to deal with body hair on the legs, armpits, or bikini area, but shaving and waxing aren’t exactly the most pleasant techniques to remove hair. That’s why laser hair removal can be your newest goal in 2017. Laser hair removal is simple, painless, and very efficient. Lasers are used to stop hair follicles from growing hair altogether, which leads to years of smooth, hairless skin. Imagine never again needing to use a razor in the shower, never struggling with unsightly stubble, and always feeling ready to flaunt your bare skin. Laser hair removal makes it a reality!

Give these procedures a try and see how much more confident you will feel!