23 May

5 Signs of Aging Skin Besides Wrinkles

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While wrinkles are always the no. 1 issue that we are concerned about with age, there are other signs of aging skin that can be treated to take years off of our appearance. Divulged in a recent DailyGlow article, here are the 5 most noticeable signs of aging skin other than wrinkles.

  • You refuse to leave the house without concealer.
  • You don’t feel your moisturizer working as well as it used to.
  • You have become insecure about smiling for photos.
  • You have been hiding under tops with higher necklines.
  • You have noticed clusters of dark spots.
And while there are countless anti-aging products to choose from today, DailyGlow cautions readers that it is in fact possible that these products can become the problem rather than the solution. Using anti-aging products too often or too aggressively or choosing ones with the wrong ingredients for your skin can actual end up causing dryness, flakiness, discoloration or rough patches.
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