29 Mar

5 Reasons Why Your Diet is Not Working

We’ve all been there: the many unsuccessful trips to the gym, the expensive bills at the health food store and that scale that simply will not budge. So what’s the problem? According to a recent article in Prevention magazine, there may be other factors that are contributing to your weight loss troubles. Here are 5 reasons why you’re losing more faith than weight during your diet.

  1. You’re not consuming enough calories. There’s a fine line between boosting your metabolism and stunting it.
  2. You let yourself indulge in a high-calorie treat after you work out as a reward.
  3. You consume diet drinks because they have no calories, but they are actually raising your insulin levels and causing your body to store calories as fat.
  4. Your friends are overweight or have bad eating habits which distort your perceptions and increases temptations.
  5. You’ve completely eliminated carbs and fat resulting in a deficiency of the nutrients that give you energy.
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