31 May

3 Supermodels Reveal Their Secrets on How to Age Gracefully

supermodel aging tips

A recent article in Allure entitled “How to Age Like a Supermodel,” immediately caught our eye. Who wouldn’t want to take aging advice from supermodels who continue to look fabulous? Here are tips on how to age beautifully from 3 of today’s hottest supermodels.

Carolyn Murphy, 38

  • Says she never enjoys the outdoors without keeping a bottle of sunblock with zinc handy.
  • Says the best aging advice she ever received was to drink lots of water and maintain a plant-based diet.
  • Says she does meditation for 10 minutes a day to reduce stress.

Cindy Crawford, 46

  • Says she does old fashioned resistance workouts including lunges and lifts at least three times a week.
  • Says everyday she applies vitamin-c serum in the morning and moisturizer with sunscreen after work outs; she then she uses a glycolic pad before bed a couple of times a week.
  • Says she sticks to one weight and avoids crash diets that cause weight fluctuation and skin stretching and contracting.
Christie Brinkley, 58
  •  Says she eats sensibly not just for weight-management, but to feel her best.
  • Says she never stops moving; she incorporates easy exercises like squats and leg lifts into everyday activities like blow drying your hair.