19 Jan

3 Reasons to Treat Yourself to Allumera Red Light Treatment

Unavoidable pollutants, sun rays, and harsh chemicals guarantee that your skin could benefit from some TLC on a regular basis. Allumera red light treatment is a rejuvenation system that harnesses photodynamic cosmetology to remove the diseased cells that diminish your skin’s natural radiance. This is definitely a treat your skin deserves.

What is Allumera?

Allumera is a topical cream meant to rejuvenate the skin, but it’s far different than a jar of cream you buy at Target. Allumera itself is a photosensitizing agent that sits on your face for one hour to prepare your skin for red light exposure. After enough time has passed, your treated skin is exposed to special OmniLux red light to achieve a variety of benefits. Think of this as a light activated therapy. After receiving one treatment per month for at least three months, your skin will be completely transformed.

Look Revitalized

Clinical trials show Allumera is proven to minimize pores and clear the skin of dark circles, bags, and puffiness. The light treatment essentially removes diseased cells, which stimulates the face to produce healthier, undamaged skin. The result leaves you looking years younger and completely refreshed.

Reduce Appearance of Wrinkles

An amazing 70 percent of test subjects reported a significant increase in skin elasticity after all three Allumera treatments, demonstrating that crow’s feet and fine lines are no match for this therapy. Once your skin begins to generate more collagen, your wrinkles and fine lines begin to fade.

Improve Texture and Moisture

Who doesn’t want silky smooth skin that always feels moisturized? Allumera skin rejuvenation shrinks pore size and oil glands, which leads to naturally smoother skin as everything tightens and contracts. Of course, healthier skin is naturally more moisturized, and you are bound to feel the difference!

This treatment is the perfect middle ground between deep peels and laser procedures. You can get the perfect skin you’ve always wanted without a major time or recovery commitment.