18 Feb

Sculptra Aesthetic: The Ultimate Anti-Aging Technology

Sculptra is one of the newest dermal fillers available, but it’s distinctively different from its counterparts. This gradual facial injectable works gradually in a series of treatments to a subtly youthful appearance that can last more than two years.

What Does Sculptra Aesthetic Do?

Just like other dermal fillers like Radiesse and Juvederm, Sculptra is a liquid injected into the face. But rather than running of the risk of looking “over stuffed”, Sculptra gradually and subtly adds volume to the face to eliminate signs of aging.

Sculptra can fill hollow cheeks, soften harsh cheekbones, fill the nose to mouth and mouth to chin folds, and define the jawline. The extra volume lifts the face and significantly reduces wrinkles that were created by a loss of facial volume. Read More

04 Feb

In Today’s World, Aging is Optional

Just because your birth certificate knows your true age doesn’t mean that everybody else has to! Aesthetics centers that focus on the face, body, skin, and hair, make it not only possible, but easy, to always look ten years younger.  Here are just a few simple, non-invasive procedures that men and women alike take advantage of for ageless beauty.


CoolSculpting is a unique fat reduction technique delivers impressive results without the added burdens of surgery, dieting, or recovery time.  It uses controlled cooling to safely target and remove fat that has proven resistant to other weight loss methods. When strategic cooling is gently applied to your stubborn areas of fat, the fat cells under the skin are frozen and then die. These fat cells are flushed from your body over the course of a few months to reveal your slim and sculpted body. Read More