30 Aug

Top 3 Beauty Myths Busted!

Beauty Myths

The first place we typically hear of the best and latest in beauty news is from our own friends and family. And so of course we’re all ears when someone has a new product or service they’re ready to dish about. Although girl talk is often a fabulous place to learn, it also tends to be the place when beauty myths flourish. Someone hears a myth, believes it, and then shares with friends. Keeping up with what is true and what isn’t is important – so we’ve gathered for you the truth about the top three beauty myths!

Myth #1 – Tweezing makes hair grow back thicker.

Actually, hair texture is much more likely to be influenced by hormones and genetics.

Myth #2 – Sleeping on your side causes wrinkles

Well sort of, sleeping on your side or on your stomach causes sleeping wrinkles that aren’t necessarily indefinite wrinkles. To cut down on these wrinkles though, try sleeping on your back or on a satin pillowcase.

Myth #3 – Regular trims make hair grow faster.

This one couldn’t be further from the truth. The pace of hair growth is determined by plenty of other variables such as diet, genetics, and overall health. Wishing this one was true? Try hair extensions!

Do you have any other beauty “secrets” that you think might be myths? Share them with us and we’ll dig up some research for you!


28 Aug

Get the Best Eyebrows for Your Face Shape!

Heart Shaped Face

One of the wonderful things about our bodies is how each and every one is so different. We each create our own beauty routines based on different needs. Some of us may be hoping to lose a few inches around the waist, while others are hoping to add a few inches around the chest! Whatever the items are on your beauty wish list are, they must be customized to suit your unique needs. One of the most obvious examples of this type of customization is your eyebrow shaping which depends greatly on the shape of your face.

Here’s a quick rundown of the best eyebrow shaping for your face’s shape.

For a square face, a thicker brow line is good option for maintaining a natural and balanced look.

For a round face, an arched eyebrow is the best way to create an oval look that opens up your eyes and elongates the face.

For a longer face, the best eyebrows shape would be a longer one. A low arch allows the face to be opened up sideways.

For a heart shaped face, try shaping brows into a round arch to soften the pointed look of a chin.

Looking for more tips and expertise on the latest cosmetic tips and procedures, stay tuned to the Midwest Medical Aesthetics Blog and contact us by calling 913.327.7175 to schedule an appointment today!


23 Aug

Is Eye Cream Really All That Important?

Anti Aging Cream

Aging is quite a mystery isn’t it? It seems like there is always a newer, better product or technology ready to fix all the little issues that we have with our bodies. And though many of these products are as effective as they promise, one product has been tried and true for anti-aging through the decades and it is a product that likely harbors a special place on your vanity shelves, its eye cream!

Facial creams are an easy way to keep fine lines and wrinkles from appearing at all or from getting worse on your skin. These creams provide the nutrients and moisturizers that skin needs to stay hydrated. This is crucial because most wrinkles occur because of dry skin.

What age is best to begin a daily eye cream regimen? Its suggested that people as young as teenagers with dry skin incorporate moisturizers into their daily skin care routines. Once you hit your twenties and thirties, your skin’s hydration is absolutely crucial.

To learn more about the creams and moisturizers that would be best for nourishing your particular skin type, visit Midwest Medical Aesthetics!


20 Aug

Renew Your Skin with Vibraderm Treatments!

What are the most common complaints you have about your facial skin? Most of us struggle with the fine lines, acne scars, age spots, and pore sizes that have plagued us for years, but we’ve never really taken the opportunity to do something about them. In the past, finding a resolution to these issues often meant a painful process and a costly trip to the dermatologist, but today, these are just a few of the skin annoyances that can be corrected with a convenient Vibraderm treatment.

Though commonly confused with microdermabrasion treatments, Vibraderm is much different. Rather than using the crystals and suction found in microdermabrasion, Vibraderm is a device that exfoliates the skin while prompting collagen growth. The process is done on the face and body if you choose, and feels much more like a massage than a skin treatment. After a few rounds of treatment, those skin issues that plagued for so long you are only distant memories.

Along with Vibraderm, our clients often combine the treatment with others such as Vitamin C treatments, chemical peels, and ultrasound with Javani Infusion. By the end of the process, your skin feels renewed, firm, and perfected! To learn more about Vibraderm and our other fabulous skin treatments, simply contact Midwest Medical Aesthetics by calling 913.327.7175!


16 Aug

Top Ingredients to Stop the Clock on Aging

Anti Aging Ingredients

Try as we may to slow it down, it seems like the days continue to speed by faster and faster. Though we wouldn’t trade the experiences for anything, the time isn’t always as kind to our skin. In fact, many of us are surprised to see the signs of aging show up early in life. Fortunately, there is much that can be done to slow down the aging process on our skin, we just need to make the most of the top ingredients that stop the clock on aging. Here are a few to pay attention to.

Vitamin C – This strong antioxidant is valuable in helping our skin fight the free radicals in the environment that can cause wrinkles and skin damage.

Green Tea – Drinking green tea is great for your health, but applying topically can really provide the antioxidants your skin needs to neutralize free radicals.

Resveratrol – This is one of the antioxidants you’ll especially like, because its benefits can be reaped from drinking red wine! It promotes cell turnover which then encourages collagen creation which firms the skin.

Do you know how to give your skin these important ingredients? Contact Midwest Medical Aesthetics and we’ll share more information with you about proper skin care and preventing aging.


13 Aug

Stay Extra Hydrated with a Little Flavor This Summer!

Drink Water

Though the summer season may be winding down, we still have a few weeks left to soak up the warm air and enjoy our weekends in the sun! As you know, atMidwest Medical Aesthetics we are huge advocates for proper skin care. One of the building blocks to having glowing skin is to drink plenty of water and make sure your body gets plenty of nutrients. Since these tasks are often easier said than done, we offer several products that make staying nourished a little easier.

Aqualyte – This is a fabulous and easy product for transforming distilled water into an antioxidant rich alkaline water.

Water Flavoring Sprays – These sprays are a quick fix to improve the flavor of regular water. They’re also calorie free and fit right into your purse!

Flavor Drops – A few, simple drops can be added to shakes to create delicious recipes. (Also calorie free!)

Alkaline Water Systems – This is the ultimate in boosting your water.. tap water can be transformed into the tastiest water available, right in your home. This water is ionized and clustered differently with increased absorption and antioxidants. It’s perfect for when you’re ready to get serious about your health!

These nutrient-rich products offer fantastic benefits and very reasonable prices. Contact our team at Midwest Medical Aesthetics to learn more about each of them!


08 Aug

How to Get Rid of Sunburn and Keep Your Party Face On

Beauty Tips

You might have already run into this issue so far this summer. It is, after all, one of the easiest beauty pitfalls to fall into during this sunny season and we don’t even have to tell you about the long term damage it does to your skin. If you think we’re referring to a sunburned face, you’re exactly right!

Not only is a facial sunburn pesky, but it also tends to ruin our make up plans. To get rid of the redness and keep your party face on, just follow these tips!

First, begin with a clean face (use a natural, soothing face wash) and rub ice on the affected areas to refresh the skin. This reduces the swelling and redness.

Then, apply a layer of an aloe vera moisturizer which will help your face heal more quickly.

Next, when you can’t get away with not wearing make up, apply a green tinted primer followed by a yellow based foundation. These products offset the redness of the sunburn and bring your face back to a natural color. Then apply your make up as usual.

Have any of our readers had to deal with this situation so far this summer? Did you find any other great fixes? Share them with us below!


03 Aug

August Specials at Midwest Aesthetics Center Get You Ready for Fall!

Beauty Service Specials near Kansas City

Each season brings with it renewed opportunities to get out and enjoy new experiences. Especially during the remainder of this summer, when it’s so important to soak up the time with friends and family, and prepare yourself for the fall season ahead, you’ll want to look and feel your best. To help you do this, at Midwest Aesthetics Center we offer monthly specials on many of our products and services.

We offer these specials each month so that you have the opportunity to experience the best in medical aesthetics for a great price. This August, we’re happy to bring you several different beauty specials and deals – here are just a few!

  • Ideal Protein 1 month weight loss plan for $549
  • Zeronafat loss laser for $899 which includes 9 sessions
  • Lapex spot fat reduction laser for $899 which includes 9 sessions
  • Body Wraps for $85 in office or $50 take home
  • B12-Lipo Injections for $30 each or a package of 5 for $100
  • … and tons of skin procedures and cosmetic products at great prices!

For a full listing of this month’s beauty specials, take a look at Midwest Aesthetics Center online!