11 Nov

10 Skin Care Myths

Great looking skin can change how you feel about yourself and make you look years younger. Of course we are all looking for the “Fountain of Youth” and there is no shortage of home remedies, products and beliefs we hope that will give us our desired results. So I’ve put together a small collection of Skin Care Myths and an explanation of each.


  1. Facial exercises tone facial muscles and make a person appear younger.
    The face is the only part of the body where muscles are attached directly to the skin. Constant facial exercise and tugging contribute to additional lines. Actually, wrinkles often form along expression lines caused by facial movements.
  2. Cucumbers help reduce puffiness around the eyes.
    The principle ingredient in cucumbers is 90% water with the balance being inert fiber. They can be soothing and, with moisture, hydrate skin temporarily. The same results can be obtained from a cold compress.
  3. Chocolate and greasy foods cause acne.
    Eating chocolate does not cause acne. Hormonal factors, bacteria and skin cells are at the root of problematic skin, and stress can exacerbate flare-ups.
  4. Natural and organic products are always better.
    Buyer, beware! Many natural and organic products are not as they claim. Synthetic compounds can actually be identical to those found in nature and be more effective. Natural vs. laboratory-processed should not lead to an up or down decision about whether a product is good or bad. Not all chemicals are bad, and not all natural or organic ingredients are good.
  5. Blackheads are a caused by improperly cleansed skin.
    Blackheads or comedones are caused by clogged pores, and excessive scrubbing can irritate and further inflame skin. Blackheads often contain dirt, oil, and dry and dead skin cells that need to be removed. Products that help dissolve sebum are the most effective.
  6. Drying problematic or oily skin clears up acne.
    The opposite is true. When skin becomes overly dry, an environment is created in which the skin is signaled that is too dry and produces more oil. Use drying products sparingly, and look to lightly moisture oily skin. The goal is to keep skin balanced.
  7. Get a base tan to prevent burning before going on vacation.
    Any tan is a scar, and there is no such thing as a healthy, safe tan.
  8. Sun exposure will improve acne.
    Yes, sun exposure can hide the appearance of acne for awhile, but will lead to skin damage, pigmentation and drying that signals the skin to produce more oil.
  9. Skin care products can last three or more years.
    Despite a number of claims to the contrary, most skin care products lose a great deal of their potency within 12 months. Preservatives do not last forever and ingredients can get contaminated with bacteria.
  10. Strong scrubs, soaps and abrasives are good for your skin.
    Be careful how you wash your face. Too much scrubbing or too many abrasive products can remove protective oils, create tiny micro tears and contribute to aging, irritated skin. Less is more, and a gentle cleanser and light moisturizer work well for most people.

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