20 Oct

10 Quick Tricks to Look Younger from Bazaar Magazine

If only we could turn back the time to when we were carefree and young! Maybe we would have opted to put a little more sunscreen on to prevent those later-in-life wrinkles. But we must seize today and take advantage of every opportunity to feel good in our own skin. We checked with one of our favorite fashion and beauty magazines, Bazaar, and found some great quick tips on how to look and feel younger today.

  1. Go for a lighter shade of lipstick, which is more flattering for mature skin.
  2. Apply a warm pink, apricot or bronze blush to the very top of your cheekbones.
  3. Pick an eye pencil (not liquid liner), and blend liner upwards with a Q-tip in the outer corners of your eyes.
  4. Do a dryer concealer so it hides lines rather than highlights them.
  5. Thicken brows by using a neutral colored pencil in a ticking motion.
  6. For an all-night moisturizer that will restore natural skin oils, apply a no flavor-added oil one night instead of your anti-aging cream.
  7. Apply a mixture of lemon juice and water with a Q-tip to brown spots on your skin at night to lighten sunspots.
  8. To give your skincare products that extra oomph when you apply them, refrigerate them after opening.
  9. Your hands and feet are where your age is really revealed, so use retinoid and Vaseline on your hands and an over-the-counter salicylic acid and Vaseline on your feet.
  10. Add clear, sun-shielding films to your car windows, as this is where, on average, you get a majority of your day-to-day sun exposure.
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